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Apartment Corridors Renovation – Phase 1 Dunwoody Village

Project Description:

Dunwoody Village, a 40 year old CCRC in need of upgraded infrastructure improvements, decided to engage Alberto & Associates to design a new system of corridor soffits and interior raceways that would hide the new infrastructure upgrades. The upgrades consisted of new finishes, interior lighting, fire protection, heating and air conditioning, and domestic water piping. While the water mains for the building were not upgraded at the time, Alberto & Associates, under the direction of Senior Living Director Quinn deMenna, decided to include new domestic water piping into the project that will serve as the replacement for the existing piping once the systems are fully upgraded.

One of the challenges of the project was to provide all the utility upgrades within a very tight floor to underside of structure height of 8’-0”. The solution was to provide chase ceiling plenums running parallel to the corridor with cross overs every twelve feet.

The facility upgrades were determined following a comprehensive facility Master Plan. The first phase of three phases is now complete with Phases II & III currently in the design and documentation process.

Program Data:
  • Construction Cost - $2,800,000
  • Corridor Renovation Area - 15,700 sq. ft.
  • Cost per Sq. Ft. - $180
  • Project Phasing Plan
  • Section Diagram
  • Before Renovation - Corridor
  • Construction Image
  • Construction Image
  • After Renovation - Corridor
  • After Renovation - Corridor
  • After Renovation - Corridor