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Clubhouse Renovations White Horse Village

Project Description:

White Horse Village is a 27 year old full service life care community. The board of directors and administrative directors of White Horse Village determined that the Clubhouse needed extensive renovations to position the community competitively with nearby CCRC’s and to provide the current resident’s with enhanced amenities.

The design team worked with the administration and resident leadership committee from initial master plan design meetings identifying key objectives including: Enhanced hospitality character of the interiors, Maintain the comfortable welcoming character of the current community and offer new and updated service venues such as a new convenience store for residents, staff and visitors.

The residents made it clear to the design team that they expected a wide range of upgraded amenities, but were not interested in “ostentatious” design. Rather, they envisioned a vibrant, gathering and community hub that embodied the White Horse Village ideals of simplicity, comfort and utilizing natural, sustainable materials.

The renovation incorporate aesthetic as well as many functional improvements intended to enhance the “experience” of the Clubhouse from the entrance all the way through to the Café areas. The design vocabulary of the renovation project takes its cue from the vocabulary of the original design. The original vocabulary included simple painted wood paneling, wood timbers, and rustic iron work recalling the imagery of bucolic Delaware County Horse farms. This project intended not to change that vocabulary but to strengthen and enhance that imagery with the use of updated natural materials.

Program Data:
  • Construction Cost: $682,000
  • Renovation Area: 10,200 SF
  • Cost per square foot: $67.00