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Cafe Renovation White Horse Village

Project Description:

The Café renovations at White Horse Village were first developed in a comprehensive campus master plan. Renovations to the Cafe are the initial phase focused on updating, expanding and diversifying dining venues including a new Café Marketplace with a Grab ‘n Go. Through renovations and a new outdoor terrace, the refurbished former cafeteria-style café form a distinctly new identity for the Village. Shoji-style sliding wrought iron gate doors are introduced to separate the areas between the Marketplace, Café and dining providing flexibility to the hours of operation while maintaining an open character. The former café, now the “The Paddock Grille”, includes a new pizza oven, coffee bar/bake shop and mini-grocery. The dining room areas are articulated with a double sided fireplace and color changing accent wall to provide a variety of seating areas with a more intimate scale. All of these venues were accomplished within the existing envelope of the building.

Program Data:
  • Construction Cost: $1,370,000
  • Renovation Area: 6,930 SF
  • Cost per square foot: $198.00
  • Cafe (Before & After)
  • Cafe
  • Entrance to Cafe
  • Servery
  • Fireplace Seating & Art Wall
  • Fireplace Seating & Art Wall
  • Pizza Oven
  • Grab ‘n Go