Commercial / Retail Projects

Woolwich Retail Center

Project Description:

The Woolwich Retail Center is a 47,000+ square foot retail center located at a primary intersection in Woolwich Township, NJ. The center serves as the initial phase of a new town center at an important intersection the township. The architectural design allows flexibility for interior space allocation while the front elevations consist of multiple fa├žade elements to create a streetscape along the sidewalks. A central gathering space allows for outdoor dining/seating for restaurants and is tied to other exterior green spaces designed for public functions such as a local farmers market.

Program Data:
  • Building A: Bank - 4,000 sf
  • Building B: Restaurant - 7,000 sf
  • Building C: Retail 1 - 18,000 sf
  • Building D: Retail 2 - 10,000 sf
  • Building E: Future Retail - 8,750 sf
  • Total: 47,750 sf
Project Awards: