Our Company


Design Philosophy

At the heart of Alberto & Associates lies a sincere desire and profound ability to “create community.” From a modest building addition designed to encourage co-worker interaction to a full grasp of the complexities of a city-wide master plan, Alberto & Associates’ space and place-making expertise guide the creative process. We believe that timeless, successful design understands culture, incorporates tradition and reflects the positive attributes of the context within which it is placed.

Design Process

Working closely with our clients, Alberto & Associates proactively orchestrates, implements and manages the correct process for a given project or project phase. Our Planning segment, for example, respects and is skilled at the economic delivery of a common, real estate “go/no-go” land use analysis while our Health Care segment fully understands the schedule and code complexities involved in receiving regulatory approvals for a licensed healthcare facility.

The design process begins with initial research and client input, followed by selection of an initial design strategy and preliminary options. Once the strategy is finalized and a design option is selected, Alberto & Associates uses its catalog of construction details and diverse network of subcontractors to develop the project from preliminary design through construction documentation and construction administration.


Sustainability has become a primary focus in the design and construction of projects at Alberto & Associates. Multiple staff members have received LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) accreditation from the US Green Building Council and we successfully developed our first LEED certified building in 2010.